3 thoughts on “Is Amelia Earhart Found?

  1. The fact that Plane&Pilot gives any press at all to TIGHARdy har har’s efforts is astounding. Richard Gillespie has been bilking “donations” from the unwary fir decades. You are supporting a scam.

  2. Because the Fordisc is speculation, and that the bones are now missing . Its going to be very unlikely that the the bones which have gone missing are that of Amelia Earhardt .
    It’s very unfortunate that the bones are now missing , as the DNA could have been used to extract the DNA to prove once and for all if they were either hers or not.
    I have my doubts that this mystery may never be solved

  3. All of this speculation on the fate of Earhart and Noonan is a waste of time in light of the superbly researched Amelia Earhart: Mystery Solved by Elgen and Marie Long. He proves conclusively that only one thing could have happened; they went into the water.
    The real legacy of Earhart is that of a pioneering and courageous woman aviator who was, surprisingly enogh, inadequately prepared and equipped for such a challenging flight.

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