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May 2021 Crossword Key

May 2021 Crossword


    1  Makers of the A5 amphibious airplane

    3  First Flyer flyer

    7  An “S’ turn

    9  Pilotless fliers

  11  What pilots try to mitigate

  13  Gained altitude

  15  Hardwood tree

  16  Lighting system on a non-precision runway, abbr.

  18  Gravity is a powerful one

  20  Engine lubricant

  22  Climb angle’s counterpart

  23  There are more than 900 of these weather stations around the US

  24  Sensor generated weather report type

  25  After “cock” and stop”

  27  Word before “port” and “display”

  30  Sound system, briefly

  31  Lobbying arm for starter airlines

  32  First letters in most planes from Vero Beach

  34  What aviation types comes down on (abbr.)

  35  Company that makes a popular simulator and Windows



    1  It’s used in landings in low visibility conditions, abbr.

    2  Flying through the localizer, for instance

    3  ___ Aviation, former owner of Eclipse

    4  VFR’s counterpart

    5  He was Lucky to some

    6  Pre-owned

    8  The V in VMC

  10  They have multiple “kills”

  11  It paints as it sweeps

  12  Not OTS?

  14  Gateway to an approach, for short

  17  Screw cutter

  19  She was instrumental in the founding of the Ninety-Nines

  21  Whirlybird, for short

  23  Suited for

  25  The p in mph

  26  Approach crashes are often on the second one of these

  27  US uncle

  28  Midcontinent back instrument nickname and acronym

  29  Chat-room “I think”

  33  Leave

May 2021 Crossword Key


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