5 thoughts on “Meet The Cessna Denali

  1. I worked for Beechcraft for years and we all were told about the new “single engine King Air” that was in development. Now it’s a Cessna product.

    There’s one thing i can say about Textron management… They sure didn’t pull any punches when it came to letting the Beechcraft family know they were the red headed stepchild..

  2. Consider the Gtr John Murtha/Johnstown Airport as a Network Service Center, as in Western Pa, 24/7 ATC Tower, 7,000 runways, radar, extremely low traffic, but 65 miles from Pittsburgh, within range of Virgina, District of Columbia, New York State, Ohio. Air Force One pilots practice at the airport.

  3. Beech King Airs are known for their ruggedness, reliability, longevity, etc. Conversely, “Denali” is a name GMC has given to one if its’ SUVs, hardly an inspiring association for an aircraft costing 100 times more. Having flown Beechs and Cessnas, and once employed as a Raytheon engineer, I would tend to believe the better and more obvious brand association is with Beech. King Air One, King Air K2, King Air 50, etc. all seem to be more compelling names than Denali. Branding folks are a funny bunch.

  4. It sure is funny after Beech became a part of Cessna, Oh, my mean Textron. Textron talked about new products coming from both Beech And Cessna. So far Cessna has or will be bringing three “new” aircraft to the market. Beech on the other hand seems only to be adding new features like avionics to existing aircraft. It’s no wonder a lot of employees known as Beechcrafters feel like red haired step children.

  5. When you have been as successful in the aviation industry as Textron has then you may have reason to question their decisions. Does Beechcraft have worldwide (outside of USA) backup service centres (200 off) to support a new launch aircraft?

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