9 thoughts on “Mods: A Used Plane Reborn

  1. $1400 are you kidding me! The ripping off of aircraft owners with ridiculous pricing like isn’t what keeps many from getting into the aircraft market. You said it yourself., $2000 for seat belts on a $50000 airplane. Something is way out of whack.

  2. They say, “Birds of the feather, flock together.” And business in aviation is good. Good for the buzzards, and the greedy bas*.* arrived about fifty years ago and keep adding to their numbers. A chicken lays an egg 200 years ago. Today that egg is still an egg, but the price of a dozen of them has soared. The chicken hasn’t improved his product in over 200 years yet we pay through the nose to enjoy his accomplishment. Who is the fool? The chicken, the egg or we who lose out due to some imaginary thing called inflation. When I started flying lessons were $12.00 an hour wet for a Cessna 150. All one’s logic can not excuse the rampant greed that produced the products we see today; nor can anyone excuse it.

  3. Robert,
    first of all, great idea for an article and the built in progression through the whole process. I, among other avid readers will sure enjoy your journey through the updates.
    Secondly, I would like to recommend that you include a comparison between the researched parts and prices and the final charge. For example, in the case for the seat belts, I would like to know if you really spent the initially thought out price of $500.00 or if it was a different amount. Largely due to an experienced mechanic doing the installation.
    And lastly, please give us a little bit more on the back story why you decided with C182 as opposed to a different model. Additionally, are you planning on updating a different aircraft after this one?
    Thank you so much, and keep up the great job, Robert. I sure enjoyed reading your first segment of the series.

  4. I’m considering the same upgrade on my 1973 Bonanza, also looking at Amsafe seatbelts with integrated airbags. Do you have any experience with those?

  5. What dose it cost to repair a battery box? I bet about 2 grand. Every one knows it is out of wack but how do you fix it? It is above my pay grade, but If every one who has a good solution got to together with the best interests of aviation it would be done.

  6. The place I rent went up on hourly rates because the plane was painted And got new carpet installed.

  7. Robert:

    I’ll be reading this series with baited breath. It is as if you were writing the series just for me.

    I purchased a 1977 C-182Q Skylane II last year. It is a low-time aircraft and in good condition, but the paint and interior are original and the panel is in need of an upgrade. The options for the panel are many and due to the avionics manufacturers coming out with great new products and STCs for existing non-TSO’d products all the time, the options are growing every month. I am planning to upgrade the panel next year and the interior and exterior in subsequent years.

    I very much look forward to reading about the upgrades you consider, the advantages and disadvantages of the various options, why you ultimately select the ones you select, and the cost of the upgrades (including installation) you select.

    Thanks for writing this series.


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