6 thoughts on “Next Step Taken In AOPA/FBO Pricing Battle

  1. It’s about time. Add Signature Hilton Head to the list. They have ruined that airport as well. I live 5 minutes from KHXD but hangar my plane in Savannah to avoid the gouging.

  2. My Eclipse stopped in at a Signiture FBO in Lafayette Louisana to purchase Jet-A . We purchased the Jet-A and the charged a $125.00 Ram Fee, can you believe that!!!
    We will never stop At those FBOs again or that airport!!
    Our Tail N-434MT

  3. Has anybody at AOPA checked into the 2 FBOs (both owned by the same operator) at KPNS? Avgas pricing and overnight fees seem outrageously high compared to other, somewhat (but inconvenient) nearby airports. Thanks.

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