3 thoughts on “POLLIWAGEN

  1. The flying characteristics of the Polliwgen were in no way excellent, fine, outstanding or similar, they were simply dangerous, and the plane had a series of fatalities within a short time. The designers performance figures were nowhere realistic and typically excaggerated for unorthodox design of the era. Very few Polliwagens fly today, if any, and it is sad to see the unrealistic marketing repeated without and questions being asked, such as why the plane never became a common sight, with enthusiastic pilots behind them.

  2. The Polliwagen was and is a good airplane that went through some bad luck and bad press. Had the designer been able to work out the initial pitch and yaw issues, the ultimate success of the plane would have been much different. I had to work out those problems on my own and ended up with a stable, good looking and quick little plane. Yes, it would have been nice if it flew without flaws right out of the box, but I think that is why they label them EXPERIMENTAL. The process of making a home built plane fly like it should has been very rewarding. I still look to making more improvements but these are labors of love because I built it.

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