12 thoughts on “Quiz: Look-Alike Planes

  1. The quiz was not easy but interesting.
    I was a student at Spartan School in Tulsa, Okl. in 1952, which was and still is a great Place in the aeronáutical learning World.

  2. Excellent I was only wrong on two. The most surprising, the Gulfstream. I could have sworn it was a Piper.

  3. We teens were chased off of The Wright Brothers Hawthorn Hill front lawn on Harman Ave. in Oakwood ($$$section of Dayton, Ohio) while sled riding in the winter of 1968. It had snowed over a few days and accumulated some snow… that was undisturbed (until we arrived)… and an NCR administrator had decided that (before we disturbed the snow), photo’s were to be taken for the 1969 Christmas cards (or some other promotion of the house, or NCR), who owned/ran/was administrative in control over the house. MY POINT: The man in the third photo from last (Stinson) with his hands in his pockets, just to the right of the right wing of the Stinson looks remarkably like the NCR administrator who ran us off of Orville & Wilbur’s lawn, and called the Oakwood Police on us. Oh…the cops said they COULD charge us with trespassing, but one of my friends Dad’s was a wealthy and political high roller in the south of Dayton area and they just slapped our hands. We left there and went to a notorious place called “Suicide Hill” , a mile or two away and rode (all six of us) our 1960 Continental hood down the hill a few times. No complaints from anyone for the rest of the day. Oh…through the years all of us lost and regained contact as we lived our lives……but a constant is that we all learned how to fly…four are private, two have commercials. Made me smile.

  4. some traps there, I got caught and should have given it more thought. The clues are in the list of names.

  5. That quiz was fun and I, too, would like to see more of them, however, I did so poorly on this one, I should probably take this same quiz again. ?

  6. The Gulfstream Cougar was a very clean design. Too bad it wasn’t more successful in the marketplace. The Skycycle looked like a bad idea.

  7. There were definitely some oddball aircraft in this quiz, like the Windecker Eagle, Wing Derringer, and definitely the Piper PA-8 Skycycle. I think the likelihood that any pilot can name or recognize those three airplanes would be 1 in a million. Very interesting quiz.

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