3 thoughts on “Video: Low-Time Glider Pilot Has Tow Rope Break Down Low

  1. 2200 hours, single engine & glider. Fantastic flying for someone with 30 hours! She did precisely what she was trained to do and didn’t even think of turning around. I was waiting for a brief look of panic when the rope broke, but she just kept flying and didn’t skip a beat! I love her comment at the very end – Rope broke at 100 feet and I landed straight ahead. Kudos to Aryanna for flying the glider, staying cool as a cucumber, and keeping her brother calm. Props to her instructor for ingraining the knowledge. I’d fly with her anytime. People need to realize that losing thrust at 100 feet is a big deal and she handled it like a pro.

  2. As the father to both the pilot and the passenger when I first seen the video I was terrified!! However after watching it over 1000 times I have come to realized that Aryanna has picked a career she’s great at. I have seen her study days and nights working on things I can’t even begin to understand and as I read all the comments from other pilots I see how big of a deal this emergency was, I realized how all jobs have their risks however been a pilot you have the lives of others in your hands and knowing what to do in an emergency is essential!! All I can say is thank you to all whom price her for the way she handled the situation and to my daughter Aryanna I couldn’t be more proud of you!! Keep working at your passion for flying!! I love you. Dad

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