7 thoughts on “Vintage Flying Art: North American P-51

  1. No doubt the Mustang is “One of” not “the” most beautiful airplanes ever made. I think it competes with the Lockheed P-38 Lightning and the Spitfire since both aircraft are also extremely beautiful.
    Best wishes from Colombia.


  2. I agree the P51 is quite a good looker, but I would have to say the P38 Lightening is just as good looking if not a little bit better looking. Both were great air to air fighters.

  3. I think some of those racing seaplanes from the 1930s like the Macchi-Castoldi and the Supermarine S6B have a lot of charm and good looks. They’d fit right in at Reno even if their engines only lasted for one race.

  4. The P-51 is everybody’s favorite right behind (or in front of) the P-38. But there were some beautiful seaplanes built in the 1930s like the Supermarine S6B and the Macchi Castoldi. Check ’em out. They would fit right in at Reno if their engines held out.

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