2 thoughts on “You Spin Me Round!

  1. I think my question at a class like this would be:
    After three days of training in a nearly indestructible Pitts (assuming you don’t crash of course), how do you translate what you have learned to your Cessna 182 that has absolutely no business doing things a Pitts does?

    Surprises comes in all planes and you have to ready for as many as you can be, no matter what you are flying.

    Is there extra training to help you slide into a Cessna with that same confidence?


  2. Good question Boyd! The clear advantage to flying an aerobatic airplane is its strength and ability to recover. This makes exploring Loss Of Control (LOC) scenarios safe and actually very fun. The basic skills are then honed to a point where recovery can happen without needing to use the strength or maneuverability of the training airplane. The actual techniques are very simple and easy! Those skills can then transfer quite well to most other airplanes. Also since psychology is the largest factor in LOC avoidance, the understanding gained that most of these accidents don’t just happen on their own can eliminate the anxiety over many common LOC events. This all comes together to make any pilot much safer, in whatever airplane the get into.

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