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Attention AvGeeks and Gamers: Check Out This 3D Apple Vision App

PNP: Step into the future of aviation discovery with ForeFlight's groundbreaking Voyager app.

ForeFlight’s Voyager app brings airports to life in 3D, offering a dynamic exploration of aviation. [Image courtesy ForeFlight]

Here’s some news pilots, avgeeks, aviation enthusiasts, and maybe even gamer geeks, are going to love—a new immersive 3D app released by ForeFlight for Apple Vision Pro. This app harnesses the advanced spatial computing capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, providing users with an immersive 3D exploration experience of airports.

Voyager transforms each airport into a vivid 3D environment by seamlessly integrating satellite imagery, high-resolution terrain, and live traffic data on a floating disk. That’s right—you can hover in the air like a ghost, watching aircraft. You can manipulate and view the airports from various angles, getting an unparalleled real-time aviation experience.

“ForeFlight is excited to deliver this unique 3D airport exploration experience to aviation enthusiasts with Apple Vision Pro,” said ForeFlight CEO Tim Schuetze in a release. “This exciting new spatial computing platform enables us to deliver all-new experiences that were never before possible, and the new Voyager app is a great example of our continued innovation.”

The app’s features include a curated list of featured airports, global search function, and proximity sorting for nearby airports. Voyager utilizes live traffic data to portray commercial and private aircraft, including jets, turboprops, piston planes, and helicopters, with realistic altitude, pitch, and bank details. Users can select any aircraft for comprehensive information, including flight plan details, aircraft type, and real-time speed, altitude, and heading.


ForeFlight’s flagship iPad and iPhone application, ForeFlight Mobile, is also available on Vision Pro. This integration allows customers with an active ForeFlight subscription to access next-generation, flight-planning capabilities. When using Voyager, ForeFlight customers can seamlessly transition to ForeFlight Mobile for more detailed airport information.

“Voyager and ForeFlight Mobile together on Vision Pro offer an unmatched experience for aviation enthusiasts,” Schuetze said.

ForeFlight, a Boeing company, has been a leading provider of advanced integrated software for general, business, and military aviation since 2007. The company’s comprehensive suite includes ForeFlight Mobile EFB and Military Flight Bag for pilots, ForeFlight Dispatch for flight planners, Sentry portable ADS-B receivers, and various integrated products serving the global pilot and flight department community.


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