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Bargain Buys on AircraftForSale: 1946 Erco 415-C Ercoupe

Inside, this Ercoupe has been refreshed with a new floorboard, new interior, and even a new, minimalist panel.

Remarkably, this Ercoupe includes all logs since new. [screenshot from AircraftForSale listing]

The classic Ercoupe has a well-earned reputation for being among the cheapest aircraft to purchase and maintain. Unfortunately, many have been maintained by some of the cheapest owners, as well, and have become increasingly shabby over time. This 1946 C-model is the other extreme – an Ercoupe that has been enthusiastically maintained with an open checkbook for many years, and it’s available for $28,750 on AircraftForSale.

With a design dating back to the late 1930s, the Ercoupe was designed with fun, safety, and economy in mind. The unique H-tail reduces the left-turning tendencies during takeoff while also minimizing the weathervaning effect prevalent in crosswinds. While the original Ercoupes lacked a rudder and rudder pedals entirely, this example has had them installed as an aftermarket kit, making the airplane a bit more familiar for newcomers to fly.

Despite its age, this is an airplane with plenty of life left. With only 2,264 hours on the airframe and 785 hours on the Continental C75 since major overhaul, the new owner can expect many years of trouble-free enjoyment – enjoyment that’s multiplied when the canopy windows are lowered for an open-cockpit flying experience. The original fabric wing covering has been replaced with metal, eliminating the need for costly $10,000+ fabric replacement in the future.

Remarkably, this Ercoupe includes all logs since new. So, in addition to receiving a well-maintained airplane with new windows, brakes, exhaust, fuel tank, and battery, the new owner will also have nearly 80 years of documented history to reference. The presence of every logbook is as much a testament to the fastidiousness of all the previous owners as it is a source of documentation. 

Image from AircraftForSale listing

Inside, this Ercoupe has been refreshed with a new floorboard, new interior, and even a new, minimalist panel. The panel was designed to provide a clean, uncluttered look that compliments the airplane’s art-deco aesthetic while providing all the instrumentation necessary for fun VFR flight. The layout even provides ample space in the center for a tablet to be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.


It’s not every day that a classic icon of aviation’s golden age becomes available at a price less than that of many Harley-Davidson motorcycles. And it’s even rarer for such an icon to come in such meticulously maintained condition. But this Ercoupe checks all of the boxes and is ready to provide its next caretaker with an economical and uniquely vintage flying experience. Learn more about Ercoupe ownership here.

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