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Diamond DA42s Deliver Quiet Skies, Sustainable Training for Lufthansa

Training fleet at Lufthansa grows, adding 3 Diamond DA42-VIs, the first of more to come.

On the way to their training location in Grenchen, the aircraft made a stop in Zurich for an impressive photoshoot [image courtesy Diamond Aircraft/copyright SWISS]

Lufthansa Aviation Training has bolstered its fleet with the addition of three cutting-edge DA42-VI twins. The handover ceremony took place earlier this week at Diamond Aircraft’s headquarters in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, where a Lufthansa delegation officially received the first batch of these state-of-the-art multiengine trainers.

The DA42-VI—powered by jet fuel—stands out as a multiengine training platform known for its fuel efficiency, utilizing up to 50 percent less jet-A compared to conventional avgas-powered aircraft. Not only does it offer economic advantages, but it also boasts low-noise pollution, contributing to a more sustainable and quieter training environment.

Raymund Obst, head of pilot schools at European Flight Academy, emphasized the importance of a modern and resource-efficient training fleet.

“With the new training aircraft, we are preparing future pilots for their cockpit careers in a resource-efficient, state-of-the-art, and safe manner,” Obst said.


Jane Wang, sales director at Diamond Aircraft Austria, expressed pride in delivering another set of DA42-VI to Lufthansa, highlighting the model’s popularity worldwide among leading flight schools. The brand-new trainers will find their home at Lufthansa Aviation Training facilities in Grenchen, Switzerland.

The DA42-VI is recognized for its efficient 168 hp jet fuel Austro engines, Garmin G1000 NXi with a three-axis automatic flight control system, and optional electrically driven air conditioning. These components make it a versatile and reliable choice for flight training programs.


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