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Plane & Pilot Photo/Video Of The Week: Autoland In A Husky?

This week’s photo of the week comes a video showing the performance of a new version of autoland in an Aviat Husky taildragger.

Autoland in a Husky
Autoland in a Husky

When Kent Wien shared an intriguing image of himself in the front seat of a 2015 Husky monitoring the autoland capability of the popular taildragger, along with a video of short final, well, many of his friends had their minds a little blown, and rightly so! We very briefly did, as well! Check out the video, and be sure to watch all the way to the end! You’ll have as much fun as we did.

The plane, on short final at Poughkeepsie, New York, (KPOU), is exhibiting typical taildragger behavior on a slightly sporty day, but the autoland is keeping right up! Impressive.


The autoland, of course, is provided by Kent’s partner Kristin Acadia Rokos crushing it from the back seat. Kent and Kristin are both longtime ATPs, airline pilots and paraglider pilots, as well.

We understand that our friends at Aviat got as much of a kick out of the sleight of hand as we did, though we seriously doubt that the folks at Garmin are working on this latest version of their autoland capability.


Thanks, Kent and Kristin!


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