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Jetson One Selling Like Swedish Hotcakes

The small craft requires no pilot’s license and is designed to be idiot proof.

Jetson One
Courtesy of Jetson’s Facebook page.

The Jetson One, a recreational E-VTOL (Electric-Vertical Take Off and Landing Vehicle) developed by the Swedish company Jetson Aero, has sold out of their 2022 allotments of the Jetson One ultralight, with 173 orders already taken for the 2023 production run. 

What is the driving force of the popularity of what some are calling the JetSki of the skies? The company claims a good place to start is with the craft’s triple redundant, software driven control system, which allows virtually anyone, even those with no flying experience, to safely fly the aircraft with very little instruction. Keep in mind that because this is classified as an ultralight, it does not require an FAA certificate to legally operate this aircraft.

The design includes multiple automatic safety systems, not the least of which is the aircraft’s ability to hover hands-free, simply by taking your hands off of the two integrated joystick controls. For those with conventional helicopter experience, you know that doing so goes against everything you’ve been taught about rotorcraft flight.

Not so in the Jetson One, the name of which is a nod to the beloved Hanna Barbera cartoon set in the future where, yep, they traveled in flying cars that have more than a slight resemblance to the Jetson One. 


With a service ceiling of over 1,500 feet, additional safety features include LIDAR sensors for terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance, as well as a rapid deployment ballistic aircraft parachute.

The aircraft weighs in at 190 lbs., with a maximum pilot weight of 210 lbs. Using Tesla manufactured high discharge lithium-ion batteries, the Jetson One will keep you airborne for 20 minutes. Recharging requires only 1 to 2 hours using 220 volts or 110 volts respectively.

Ready to take flight? Purchasing the Jetson One will set you back $92,000.  A $22,000 down payment is required upon order, with the final payment due at delivery.  While it is delivered in a partially assembled state, Jetson Aero states that it only takes about 6 hours to complete the build, with no special tools required. 

Want see what it’s like to go flying in the Jetson One? Check out this point-of-view video.

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The Jetson One Quadcopter Might Be The Future Of Personal Flying. And This Is Not A Joke.


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