Thursday, March 11, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 1,150. Empty wt. 622. Fuel capacity 15. Wingspan 29'. Length 18'5".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 100. Cruise mph 80. Stall mph 40. Climb rate 500. Takeoff run 400. Landing roll 600. Range 320.

The do-it-yourself craze was just getting started as a Depression-born phenomenon when the Air Camper replaced the earlier primary glider as aviation’s favorite backyard building project. In 1930, Modern Mechanics magazine featured the Ford Model A engine as the perfect powerplant for the little homebuilt (and named this version the Sky Scout). The two-seat open-cockpit monoplane is said to land like a Luscombe and handle like a J-3 Cub. Modern Air Campers are powered by Corvair, Lycoming, or Continental engines. Plans are now sold by Pietenpol BHP and Sons.


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