Thursday, March 11, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Seats 2-3. Gross wt. 1,700. Empty wt. 1,025. Fuel capacity 40. Engine 210-hp Continental 10-360.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 287. Cruise mph 228. Initial climb rate 2,000. Range 1,180.

The Spirit is actually the second of two extremely fast aircraft from Questair. The Spirit is a toned-down fixed-gear version of the record-setting Venture design. The Spirit’s unusually stubby design is very reminiscent of an egg with wings. Nonetheless, the Spirit and the Venture are very popular with kit builders primarily for their exceptional performance and relatively forgiving flight characteristics. The airframe structure is all-aluminum with all of the compound curve components provided in the kit to ease the building process. Approximate building time is 2,000 hours.


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