Thursday, March 11, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 480. Empty wt. 240. Fuel capacity 8. Wingspan 16'8". Length 17'4". Engine 18-hp Onan two-cylinder.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 126. Cruise mph 121. Stall mph 49. Climb rate 425. Ceiling 12,300. Takeoff run 660. Landing roll 835. Range 550.

The “Quickie” is an unusual design that can cruise at 121 mph and actually fly for 100 miles on a single gallon of avgas. The design work was accomplished by Burt Rutan of VariEze and VariViggen fame. The project was masterminded by Tom Jewett and Gene Sheehan. Basic to the Quickie’s economy is the 18-hp Onan horizontally opposed flat four-stroke engine commonly used to power lawn mowers and RV generators. The wide canard of the Quickie carries the main landing wheels at each end, and a tiny tailwheel at the rear end is covered with a small rudder. Complete kits include engine, prefabricated cowling, canopy, all the machined parts, all the welded parts, and some of the tools in an effort to save construction time for the inexperienced builder. Construction is from composite materials. The cockpit is suitable for one pilot up to 210 pounds.


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