Wednesday, June 30, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 1,115. Empty wt. 835. Fuel capacity 16. Wingspan 19'9". Length 16'1". Engine 135-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 235. Stall mph 65.

The Sundancer is built around the basic fuselage and tail unit of the Bushby Midget Mustang. The single seat racing biplane was co-designed by Art Williams and Carl Cangie, built by Ralph Thenhaus, and flown by Sidney White. It set a national class record of faster than 194 mph the first time that it was flown. It won the championship at Reno in 1973, then went on to victories in the five races in which it was entered in 1974. The fuselage of the Sundancer has a flush-riveted stressed skin. The wings are a conventional lightweight alloy structure with no flaps.


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