Tuesday, December 16, 2008



STANDARD DATA: Seats 11-22. Gross wt. 12,500. Empty wt. 7,320. Fuel capacity 382. Engines two 652 shp Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada turboprops.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 210. Stall mph 67. Initial climb rate 1,600. Range 794. Ceiling 26,700. Takeoff distance (50') 1,200. Landing distance (50') 1,050.

This popular STOL transport is used by a number of feeder airlines around the world. Its short- and softfield capability gives the versatile Twin Otter room to spare on even the shortest of underdeveloped strips. Produced in Canada, the DHC6 300 series is powered by two Pratt & Whitney/United Aircraft of Canada turboprops, each capable of 652 shp. The 300S model features several improvements: high-capacity brakes, an antiskid system, wing spoilers, refined electrical and hydraulic systems, propeller automatic feather, and improved fire protection. In addition, six 300S enhanced STOL performance DHC-6-300s were built in the mid 1970s. Earlier models, the series 100 and 200, were fitted with 570 shp engines. Access to the two man cockpit is through a car-like door on each side or through the cabin. The standard “Commuter” version will accommodate 20 passengers, but optional arrangements are available. During its run, more than 800 Twin Otters were built before production ended in 1988.


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