Tuesday, October 21, 2008



STANDARD DATA: Seats: 9; Gross weight: 5,500 lbs.; Empty weight: 3,530 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 111 gals.; Engines: two 300 hp Lycomings.
PERFORMANCE: Top speed: 230 mph; Cruise speed: 182 mph; Stall speed: 67 mph; Initial climb rate: 1,500 fpm; Range: 637 nm; Service ceiling: 21,030 ft.; Takeoff distance (50 ft.): 1,125 ft.; Landing distance (50 ft.): 1,140 ft.

The stretched airliner will accommodate up to 52 passengers. In 1960, power was increased to 2,105 shp. The stretched version was fitted with 2,250 shp engines, and ultimately the FH-227 received a redesigned windshield, stronger landing gear, strengthened rear fuselage, heavier wing skin, propellers of increased diameter and a more powerful 2,300 shp Dart turboprop. Fairchild discontinued building the FH-227 under license from Fokker in 1975.


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