Tuesday, October 21, 2008


STANDARD DATA: Seats: 2; Gross weight: 1,750 lbs.; Empty weight: 1,102 lbs.; Engine: 145 hp Warner Scarab.
Top speed: 133 mph; Cruise speed: 115 mph; Initial climb rate: 900 fpm; Service ceiling: 20,000 ft.; Range: 350 nm.

The Kreider-Reisner Division of Fairchild produced this tandem two-seat parasol monoplane in 1931. It has the distinction of being one of the first successful light monoplanes that was built in quantity. During the five years that it was produced, a variety of engines were used. One of the most common powerplants was the 145 hp, seven-cylinder, air-cooled Warner Scarab radial engine; other engines included the 125 hp Warner Scarab, the 95 hp A.C.E. Cirrus and the 90 hp Wright Gipsy.


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