6 thoughts on “ADS-B Buyer’s Guide 2016 Final Countdown

  1. For SLSA, does the Salus-3 meet the mandate. It is not panel mounted. The article states that AGS-B must be panel mounted to meet the mandate.

  2. Portable devices do NOT meet the requirements for the 2020 mandate, even if they are advertised as meeting the “performance requirements” of the rule. Refer to AC 90-114A CHG1, paragraph 4-3.b. Equipment Qualification Requirements.

  3. Paul Von Hoene, that reference to the AC isn’t correct. 4.3 refers to ADS-B Equipment Operations. Do you know where the equipment installation requirements are? As a note, only the ADS-B Out portion has to be panel mounted thus the Stratus setup with the ESG is legal.

  4. Great rundown but it’s a little confusing on which ones offer ADS-B In, Out and WAAS, which ones meet the mandate, what extra equipment you need to make it work (ie screens), etc. Any chance you could update it with that info? Maybe have that info in a tabular format?

  5. I’m very confused . How about starting simple? What fulfills ADS-B out with existing mode C transponder? And which transponders? Oh, and how much? Then a definite break before including upgrades, add on features etc.

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