3 thoughts on “Ultimate Piston Twin: Diamond DA62

  1. Interesting but I simply don’t like the hump hull of the airplane, for me and i think for a lot of people the first thing is beauty; if an airplane doesn’t look good i will not buy it!!

    It is technologically advanced but is not beautiful. For example Beech Baron and Piper Seneca in the same class are a lot prettier.

  2. It’s gotta be a matter of taste. I find this bird gorgeous!
    I just wish I could afford it.
    I can afford the Beech or the Piper but don’t want them

  3. The more beautiful a plane is, the better it flies quickly and well. It is a mathematical evidence found every day in nature with birds as an example.

    If Beechcraft and Piper dont get the “Carbon turn”, they aircraft compagny going to dead.

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