2 thoughts on “REARWIN 8135 “CLOUDSTER”

  1. My great-uncle Robert Rummel was the designer the Cloudster when he was 24 yrs old. He went on among other things to be Howard Hughes’ personal aviation consultant and Vice President of Engineering for TWA, and finally was appointed by President Regan to serve on the Rogers Commission that investigated the space shuttle Challenger accident. I only mention all that because he still often talked about this plane and designing it. Though I believe he told me once it didn’t sell that well.

  2. Hi Chris
    I own one of the last two [ 2 ] Cloudster Model 8125 that are still in existence. There are still quite a few model 8135 [ about 22 ] still in existence. My plane is not airworthy at the moment due to unknown [ not yet diagnosed ] engine problems .Please feel free to contact me any time. Thanks Allen Neuman Sanger Texas

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