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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The LSA Glass Menagerie

Start Christmas shopping now: There are tons of glass to choose from!

Grand Rapids Technology’s Horizon HX (left) and Sport S200-HS PFD (right)
Dynon Avionics
You’ll see this industry leader’s dual-screen EFIS devices, EFIS-D100 and EMS-D120, in most well-equipped S-LSA. The EFIS-D100’s seven-inch screen shows attitude, airspeed, altimeter, HSI, gyro-stabilized magnetic heading, vertical speed, turn/bank, etc. Price: $2,400.

AvMap’s EKP-IV Pro portable navigation system
The EMS-D120 replaces 16 separate steam gauges (such as rpm, EGT and CHT) and can monitor up to 27 engine sensor points. Price: $2,000.

Limited panel space? The FlightDEK-D180 combines EFIS and EMS into one efficient powerhouse package, and you save a few bucks, too. The seven-inch split screen can be configured in several ways. Price: $3,200.

ATC 4401 Mode C transponder from Becker Avionics
Dynon’s SkyView system for experimentals and LSA is a next-generation offering with two bright, dimmable screen sizes: the 10-inch SV-D1000 and seven-inch SV-D700. SkyView’s comprehensive display has ADAHRS and EMS modules, an autopilot, a GPS receiver/antenna puck, a backup battery, synthetic vision and top-down terrain. Optional moving-map software, NAV/COM and ARINC 429 data bus will be offered soon. The system will offer flexibility in components and remain fully upgradeable as new capabilities are developed. At this writing, prices weren’t available. Dynon will accept trade-ins of earlier-model Dynon EFIS and EMS systems. Contact:

Icom’s IC-A210 air-band transceiver
Future-tech leader Garmin keeps putting the heat to the competition with its G3X upgrade kit, which integrates the GDU 370 or GDU 375 MFD into a dedicated PFD or PFD/MFD display. Price: $9,995.

A hot MFD that’s popping up in a lot of LSA is the portable, kneeboard-sized (seven-inch) GPSMAP 696 unit that the GDUs above are built around. It includes moving map, HSI, instruments page, terrain alerts and more. Price: $3,595. Contact:


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