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Monday, February 10, 2014

Advice For Pilots On How To Preserve Eyesight

A customer friendly supplement distributor has found a niche helping airline pilots pass their aviation medical exams with the help of a product called Claroxan.

Roger Johnson, a well-respected airline pilot from California, is making good use of the vision supplement that has been popular with aviators for years. Claroxan was originally described as the "crown jewel" of long-range focus and depth perception when it first appeared in hunting magazines in 2003, marketed as a way for marksmen to shoot better. As word caught on, many pilots began to count on Claroxan as a key component to address and enhance performance on the vision-testing segment of the FAA Medical examination.

Roger Johnson has been flying with American Airlines for 25 years. The 57-year-old captain has been using Claroxan for over five years and is very pleased with the results. He also uses Optimis7 eye drops for visual acuity. Here's what he has to say: "I started using Claroxan for peace of mind. I keep going to my AME every 6 months to renew my 1st class medical and continue to receive 20/20 on the vision portion. He asks me how I do it and I say I take Claroxan."

Claroxan is trademarked and distributed by Pacific Health. The research team works in conjunction with a manufacturer in N.Y. to create unique formulas consisting of ingredients that have been clinically studied as ways to prevent age-related blindness and maintain and enhance visual acuity.

Claroxan is available in two formulas. There is the standard formula and an advanced formula. Claroxan Advanced is newly formulated and more potent, with higher amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin. The Advanced formula is preferred by aviation professionals.

"We create the best formulas possible," a company spokesman said."Take one tablet per day and most see improvements in about a month.



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