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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

December 2008 Readback

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority has granted CubCrafters’ CC18-180 Top Cub type certification, which allows new, certified, ready-to-fly Cubs to be delivered to customers in Australia for the first time. The Top Cub was certified in the States in December 2004; it received type certification from Transport Canada in early August, and has now been approved on floats and wheels in Canada and Australia. (On September 8, the first Canadian-registered Top Cub was delivered to owner Bernard Brossard in Montreal, Quebec.)
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readbackOrganization Is Next To Godliness
Keeping your cockpit organized can be a pain, but for safety and sanity, it’s a necessary pain. With Sporty’s new Flight Gear Kneeboards, pilots have an ally in keeping their mess to a minimum. The spacious interiors offer numerous pockets, such as a clear chart holder, and elastic straps for E6B storage. When folded, an exterior pocket has room for charts, and a wide elastic strap and padded back promise a comfortable, stationary fit when in flight. An aluminum clipboard allows you to keep track of flight-plan forms, weather printouts, etc. Additional features include a (VFR or IFR) placard with cruising altitudes, a flight-plan template and other useful tools. The Flight Gear Kneeboard comes in two versions: VFR or IFR Tri-Fold Kneeboard. For more, contact Sporty’s at (800) SPORTYS or visit

readbackStaying In Vogue
A former flight attendant has more than a beverage cart and an airline meal up her sleeve; indeed, she has developed a line of handbags based on the airplanes she once served. Building upon the success of her SkyBelts, made from airline seat belts, her new line of handcrafted Jumpseat Bags are constructed out of vintage aircraft textiles. All of the bags are made out of new high-quality-wool fabric that’s derived from airplane seat covers and lined with military-flight-jacket satin; unique materials include seat-belt straps and buckle connectors. For more, contact Jumpseat Bags at (866) 759-2358 or visit


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