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Monday, December 5, 2011

January/February 2012 Readback

Remos Focuses On U.S.

Remos Aircraft CEO Theo Paeffgen has completed a series of site visits to all North American dealers. Paeffgen reaffirmed the company's culture of trust, quality and reliability, and provided reassurance that the U.S. continues to be at the heart of Remos' marketing focus despite difficult economic times. The 10 U.S. dealers signed new dealership agreements, discussed future sales and marketing, and learned about service-center network and ambassador-program initiatives. "I have an enhanced level of confidence in the talents of our American dealers," said Paeffgen. "As Remos is reaching out to develop a global market for its aircraft, it is essential to be mindful of the fact that our greatest potential for growth still resides in North America." Visit

Fly To Puerto Rico

Caribbean Flying Adventures has launched a free Flying Ambassador service for U.S. and Canadian pilots interested in flying to Puerto Rico. The Flying Ambassador will assist private pilots in planning their trips, and provide answers about procedures, customs, fuel availability, routing, documents and more. Jim Parker, a retired senior U.S. diplomat and an expert on private flying to the Caribbean, has been designated the Goodwill Ambassador and official point of contact. He has more than 1,300 flight hours in the Islands, and has landed his Cessna 172RG at 85 different Caribbean airports. Visit

CubCrafters MyPanel

CubCrafters announced a new instrument-panel option, called MyPanel, which features space designated for the attachment of a tablet computer or similar device, including the iPad2 and Garmin aera 796. It can be ordered as an option on any new CubCrafters Carbon Cub or Sport Cub aircraft. "The MyPanel allows the pilot to craft his or her own solution for cockpit navigation, instrumentation and reference solutions," said CubCrafters General Manager Randy Lervold. "As pilots, we all have a preference for what data we'd like presented to us on our instrument panels. The new MyPanel lets each aircraft owner create their preferred panel presentation." Visit

Share The Plane

Share the Plane, a fractional, hourly and leasing marketplace that lists a wide range of aircraft by local geographic parameters, has launched its website, Small plane owners can list their aircraft for rent by the hour, while larger plane owners can list fractions for sale or lease arrangements. Listings are currently free for all aircraft types. Visit

Jeppesen Supports

The Aviation Green Alliance Jeppesen will serve as a founding member of the Lindbergh Foundation Aviation Green Alliance by supporting the nonprofit organization that brings stakeholders together to address environmental challenges facing the aviation industry, including emissions, noise and operational efficiency. "Jeppesen fully supports the collaborative effort led by the Lindbergh Foundation Aviation Green Alliance to develop solutions for addressing environmental challenges facing the aviation industry," said Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen CEO. "The Aviation Green Alliance organization offers an opportunity for aviation-related companies and individuals to share best practices and establish innovative programs to help guide environmental stewardship related to aviation industry operations." Visit and


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