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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

July 2010 Readback

Cooler Cirrus SR20
The Cirrus SR20, now is available with factory-installed air-conditioning, just in time for summer. Aircraft pricing starts at $279,900. Visit

Jeppesen IFR Training
Jeppesen’s Instrument Pilot Online training course includes the required minimum of 30 hours of ground-school topics and offers integrated and scenario-based flight lessons that stress single-pilot resource management topics and effective decision-making. Three versions are available: The Part 61 Enhanced Ground School, Maneuvers and Test Preparation course is available directly to students. The Stage Exams and Flight Lessons version is targeted to flight schools and universities, and includes all ground, maneuvers and flight lessons to meet FAR Part 61 requirements. Integrated Stage Exams with Flight Lessons training also is offered to flight schools and universities to meet the more stringent FAR 141 requirements. Visit

Personal Flight Sims
King Schools and Redbird Flight Simulations now offer a home aviation simulator, the Redbird TD. “The TD desk-mount places the yoke and controls under the table, achieving the feel of a real cockpit while you practice instrument procedures to any airport in the world, or maybe prefly that upcoming cross-country,” said King Schools Cochairman John King. The Redbird TD can be ordered with a glass or analog instrument panel, and is FAA-approved as a Basic Aviation Training Device. This allows pilots to log up to 10 hours toward an instrument rating, or log up to 2.5 hours toward a private pilot certificate. Visit

Next Dimension Aircraft
Next Dimension Aircraft has announced a preowned aircraft program, Worpe9, designed to provide Cirrus SR22s with a Tornado Alley Turbo powerplant and Avidyne Entegra Release 9 avionics. “ND provides the experience of purchasing a new, custom-configured aircraft, without the large costs and risks of a new purchase,” explained Ken Johnson, CFO of ND Aircraft. Visit, and

SMA Engine In Maule
The Maule M-9-230 is the first aircraft to be equipped with the SMA SR 305-230 engine from OEM. The SMA engine merges the traditional qualities of Maule aircraft with modern avionics and a Jet-A/Jet-A1-powered diesel engine that has a low fuel burn of 7.5 to 10 gph. Visit and

Sporty’s Foundation Scholarships
The Sporty’s Foundation has announced a program for aircraft mechanics enrolled in Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development, which has four campuses in Ohio. Scholarships will be awarded to the top three students completing the airframe portion of the training curriculum. The scholarships—in the amounts of $3,000, $1,500 and $750—will be awarded for the second year of study (powerplants). Visit and


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