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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

July 2011 Readback

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Portable GPU

The Enhanced Flight Model 2860A Ground Power Unit from Audio Authority provides up to 60A continuous, 28V DC power from an ordinary 120V wall receptacle. Features include digital output meters for both voltage and current, a detachable front-panel output cable, and nylon bumper/cleats to provide protection and input/output cord storage. The 2860A comes with a 14-day return policy and a one-year limited warranty. Contact:

Stay Cool This Summer

Arctic Air, a portable air-conditioner unit from Sporty's, works by blowing ambient air across a coil cooled by ice water. The cool air is blown into the cockpit, providing a comfortable air temperature even in the hot summer sun. Place Arctic Air in the plane, fill it up with ice, and plug it into the cigarette lighter. An included drainage allows you to leave the unit in the plane, and pump the water out on to the ground. With the flexible tubing, you can aim the cool air where desired. Available in 12V and 24V models, and weighs 18 pounds empty, approximately 45 pounds full. Contact:

Fly A Citation Mustang

In a new course from King Schools, "Flying the Citation Mustang–Single Pilot," John and Martha King take a trip from Palm Springs, Calif., to Page, Ariz., as they demonstrate and explain each phase of flight in the Cessna Citation Mustang. It also describes what getting type-rated in the Mustang would be like. Even if you never plan to fly a Mustang, you'll learn about flying jets in general. Contact

Battle Seals For Cessnas

The new FAA-approved Cowl Saver baffle seals, from McFarlane Aviation Products for Cessna 172R and 172S aircraft, address issues raised in Cessna Service Bulletin 08-53-01 with regard to cowl and firewall cracking due to vibration transfer. The low-friction laminated seals have 30 times less friction than standard seals, which allows the engine to move without taking the cowl with it, reducing cowl and airframe-vibration transfer that causes cowl damage. The baffle seals are precut and available individually, or in kits that include all required baffle seals, soft rivets and retainer strips. Contact:

Padded Panel Systems

Trisoft Panels, a companion to Trisoft Covers' foam edge covers, interlock to cover wings and horizontal stabilizers, protecting them from dropped tools, flashlights and other hazards that can fall onto thin metal and painted surfaces. It's resistant to sunlight, heat and cold; its closed-cell structure is chemical resistant and won't absorb water. Sized in two-foot squares and packed four to a case, the squares have a natural resistance to sliding on the surface. Contact

Sky Kitchen Cafe

Author Mike Paull's book of flying stories go beyond aviation to tell of friendship and the fulfillment of dreams. The tales originate from a small airport diner called the Sky Kitchen Café in San Carlos, Calif., where local pilots congregate daily to exchange friendship and conversation. Paull, a flight instructor with 3,500 hours of flying time, had lunch at the café almost every day for 20 years. Contact:


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