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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

June 2012 Readback

Redbird Skyport Adds Seminole

The Redbird Skyport fleet has expanded with the addition of a new, customized Piper PA-44 Seminole delivered at Sun 'n Fun. The twin-engine trainer will be used as part of a new experiment to test a simulator-centric multi-engine training curriculum developed by Skyport's ProFlight Academy. The new Seminole is outfitted with a Garmin G500 glass-panel suite that includes a three-axis aircraft position monitor, as well as aerodynamic state and systems-condition recording equipment. It also will be equipped with an in-cockpit video recording system that will allow Skyport to monitor student performance as they progress through the new training curriculum. "When we were looking for a multi-engine airplane to use in our flight-training experiments, the Seminole was our first choice," said Roger Sharp, General Manager of Flight Operations for Redbird Skyport. "The Piper Seminole has become the industry standard for multi-engine training for good reason." Visit

Dynon & Rotax

Dynon Avionics announced SkyView support for the new Rotax 912iS engine via a new SV-EMS-221 module. The SV-EMS-221 receives many engine parameters from the 912iS engine computer via its new dual-channel CAN bus interface. Engine parameters available include RPM, manifold pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature, EGT for all four cylinders, ECU voltage and engine hours. All the other normal SkyView SV-engine functions are still available using the SV-EMS-221, such as fuel level, trim position, battery voltage and contacts. A 912iS-specific engine sensor kit that includes the engine wiring harness, a Kavlico fuel pressure sensor and an amps shunt will also be made available. Visit

Searey Celebrates 20 Years

Searey is celebrating its 20th anniversary in aviation this year. The company began in November 1992, introduced its LSX model in January 2009, and is now anticipating the certification to become a significant manufacturer in the LSA market exactly 20 years from the date of the first flight of the Searey. "This is a huge milestone and a very exciting time for both our company and the LSA community to be able to announce the certification of the Searey LSA during our 20th anniversary celebration," said President Kerry Richter. Visit

L-3 Avionics

L-3 Avionics announced the release of its updated and enhanced GH-3900 Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS). Designed to Level A software and hardware standards, the GH-3900 ESIS is capable of satisfying airworthiness requirements for almost any transport-category fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft. "The trend toward more versatile PFD and MFD layouts that can be adjusted to meet a variety of missions is increasing in all flight operations categories. We believe all standby systems should have that same level of utility," said Larry Riddle, vice president of business development for L-3 Avionics Systems. "Our next-generation GH-3900 features a virtually unlimited number of configuration options and can interface with a wide range of onboard equipment, creating a high degree of parity between the primary and standby instruments." Visit


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