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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

March 2010 Readback

Restore Your Paint Job
3M’s Aviation Paint Restoration Kit isn’t a polish or wax that only fills scratches; it actually removes oxidation, refines scratches and achieves a professional finish. The noncorrosive, silicone-free and all-inclusive kit is designed specifically for aircraft. Contact: Aircraft Spruce, (877) 477-7823,

Classic, Enduring Outerwear
Red Canoe’s Canadian Summer Flying Jackets are inspired by the outerwear of the RCAF and Canadian Armed Forces. The dark-blue jackets are fabricated in an 80/20-cotton/nylon mix, and have shoulder, wrist and inside pockets. Contact: Aircraft Spruce, (877) 477-7823,

Wearable Fun
“It only takes two things to fly: airspeed and money” is the message of one shirt. Another charts the four forces of flight: dreams (up), reality (down), money (forward) and the FAA (backward). Choose from four T-shirts to demonstrate your enthusiasm for aviation. Contact: Sporty’s, (800) SPORTYS,

Take Only The Essentials
The Senior Pilot’s Caddy is big enough to fit flight essentials, yet compact enough for small spaces, for it also functions as an insert in most Sporty’s Flight Gear bags. Contact: Sporty’s, (800) SPORTYS,

Faster, More Accurate Repairs
P&D’s Rib Alignment Tool facilitates repairs to damaged flap, aileron and elevator ribs. Insert the rods into the trailing edge of the control surface ribs, and it’s easy to straighten and align them. Contact: P&D Enterprises, (864) 949-6666,

Brighten Up Your Cockpit
Powder Puff Pilot has partnered with a leading headset manufacturer to produce a unique line of FAA-approved headsets that are pink rather than the usual olive or black. They’re offered in PNR and ANR models, which use battery power to further reduce unwanted sound. Contact: Powder Puff Pilot, (888) 801-6628,


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