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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

November 2009 Readback

Explore The Human Factors Of Flying
ASA’s Pilot Medical Handbook is an essential resource for pilots seeking to understand the human element and inherent physiological aspects critical for safe flight. With the Medical Handbook for Pilots AC discontinued, this is the only printed resource available with a collection of applicable FAA and Civil Aerospace Medical Institute documents, articles and reports. Contact: ASA, (800) ASA2FLY,

A New Way To Recycle, Reuse
Instead of simply tossing out your empty beer and soda cans, consider doing something more productive: construct model airplanes with the potential to fly. B.C. Air Originals will get you started with construction plans and videos (choose from 20 models). The company also provides online builder support; you supply the empty cans. The model airplanes make great gifts and decorations. Contact: B.C. Air Originals, (406) 443-3941,

Make The Right Seat As Organized As The Left
Sporty’s Copilot Organizer will keep solo pilots organized. Secure it to an open seat with the included straps, then fill the holders and pockets with all the essentials. Dedicated pockets keep everything organized, and a large main compartment stores larger items. Postflight, the organizer transforms into a flight bag. Contact: Sporty’s, (800) SPORTYS,

On A Clear Day…
Aircraft Spruce’s All-Spray Cleaning and Detailing Kits allow you to restore a brilliant luster to your aircraft windows. The two kit options (small and large) include All-Spray, microfiber towels, All-Spray Detailers and window polishing cloths. All-Spray products are anti-static, ammonia-free and safe to use on plastic and glass surfaces. The kits will provide your airplane with the total window cleaning solution. Contact: Aircraft Spruce, (877) 477-7823,

Reader Plates For Kindle DX
Reader Plates now offers combined approach plates and Airport/Facility Directories for the Amazon Kindle DX e-book reader (previously, they were only available on Sony’s PRS-505). The FAA/NACO terminal approach procedures are organized and formatted for exceptional readability. Each procedure is viewable on a single page. Reader Plates are available via subscription and include the most recent cycle of all 13,000+ approach procedures and directories. Contact: Reader Plates,


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