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Monday, September 1, 2008

September 2008 Readback

readbackWhen Vern Raburn talks, people listen. Recently, the visionary behind the Eclipse VLJ was talking about a new light-sport amphibian, the ICON A5. Raburn is an adviser for start-up ICON Aircraft, which aspires to create a sport aircraft that will “do for recreational flying what personal watercraft did for boating.”
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Product Previews
readbackA Cleaner, New Look For Your Airplane
Sporty’s Composite Hubcaps improve an airplane’s appearance while smoothing the flow of air around its landing gear. These new hubcaps cover hard-to-clean rims and provide easy valve-stem access. A large access door makes it unnecessary to remove the hubcaps to check tire pressure. Sporty’s Composite Hubcaps are STC’d and can be installed on an aircraft in less than five minutes. Attached with stainless-steel fasteners, the hubcaps help keep an airplane’s wheels and bearings clean. They’re designed to fit Cleveland 6.00 series wheels with recessed hub nuts. The 7.25-inch hubcaps are available for several models of aircraft, including Beech, Cessna, Commander, Maule, Mooney and Piper. Learn more from Sporty’s at (800) SPORTYS.

Rotary-Wing Training
ASA’s newest DVD ground school, Helicopter Fundamentals, guides students through the important concepts of helicopter flight. The award-winning production features explanations that come to life with in-flight demonstrations and 3D animated graphics. Aerodynamics are covered in detail and include cockpit point-of-view footage, which helps viewers experience maneuvers from the pilot’s perspective. Use Helicopter Fundamentals to prepare yourself for the FAA Knowledge Exams. For more, contact ASA at (800) 272-2359.

Simulated Testing Center allows pilots and AMTs to hone test-taking skills before actually heading to the testing center. Applicants can use the tests to acquire a test sign-off from ASA staff. Additionally, AMT applicants can use the certificate of completion to get an endorsement from their local FSDO. Practice exams are available for all aircraft category and test types. Features include realistic test simulation and actual FAA questions for your certificate or rating. Performance graphs allow students to identify problem areas, focusing their study methods. Review explanations and answers for the entire test, and see grades for each subject. For more information, contact ASA at (800) 272-2359.

readbackLife-Saving Equipment
Sporty’s has partnered with Winslow Life Raft Company, one of the most respected names in survival equipment, to provide general aviation pilots with the finest life vests available. Every Winslow Vest meets FAA TSO-C13f, and has either one or two completely separate air cells activated by independent CO2 cylinders. When inflated, the vest provides 37.5 pounds of buoyancy. A water-activated light aids rescuers in locating the wearer. Both the Single Cell and Twin Cell Life Vests come in an easy-opening pouch, and can be donned in seconds with the quick-fit buckle. Because the vests come in a sealed pouch, they don’t require recertification for 10 years. Used extensively by flying clubs, fleet managers and corporate flight departments, these vests are essential equipment for overwater flights. Whether it’s a trip to the islands or just a short hop over the lake, a life vest for every occupant is cheap insurance. Order by calling Sporty’s at (800) SPORTYS.

readbackSave Space As You Manage Your Flight
Traditionally, pilots keep flight records, take notes of special instructions given by ATC and track vital flight statistics on a writing surface mounted on the thigh. With a pilot’s large workload and the confined space of a contemporary cockpit, flight resource management is vital for both safety and comfort. 2H Innovations’ ArmBoard provides an ergonomic and space-saving writing surface that’s as natural to wear as a wristwatch. Regardless of how large or small the cockpit is, the ArmBoard truly frees up much needed space. For more information, contact 2H Innovations at (866) 735-9276.

readbackEnhanced IFR Preparation
Version 9.5 of ASA’s On Top IFR Simulator introduces new features that enhance the simulation experience and make it more realistic. The program offers pilots the opportunity to refine critical instrument skills before putting them to test in actual flight. On Top 9.5 has improved flight-control interface, allowing users more control over the program’s response to their flight-control (yoke/joystick) inputs. Pitch and roll sensitivity can be fine-tuned independently, giving pilots greater control over how the aircraft feels. Dual-monitor support is new to On Top 9.5. For more information, contact ASA at (800) 272-2359.


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