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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

September 2010 Readback

More Pounds For Terrafugia

Avidyne Service
Avidyne has entered into an agreement with Duncan Aviation of Lincoln, Neb. Duncan Aviation will become the exclusive provider of repair services for Avidyne customers who use first-generation Flight Situation Displays and early model FlightMax Multi-Function Displays. Visit and


Protect Your Ears
Beyerdynamic’s new HS 400 Signum headset weighs 11 ounces and comes with an audio box to which MP3 players or a cell phone can be connected. An auto-mute function will silence music during any incoming radio transmissions. Your headset can be personalized with laser engraving. Contact: Beyerdynamic, (631) 293-3200,

Grow Your Library
ASA offers three new titles for your Kindle: Flying Carpet (a journey of self-discovery and freedom), You Can Fly! (guidance for prospective pilots) and the The Golden Years of Flying (a look back at early aviation). These e-books also can be read on the iPad, iPhone, BlackBerrys and other devices. Contact: ASA, (800) 272-2359,

More Than Just A Radio
This SP-400 handheld NAV/COM includes a full ILS display (localizer and glideslope), VOR navigation (with user-selectable OBS), side tone, NOAA weather (stations are preprogrammed), an oversized screen and backlit keypad. The unit measures 51/2x21/4x15/8 inches and is powered by eight AA batteries. Contact: Sporty’s, (800)-SPORTYS,

Aspiring Young Pilots
In What Pilots Fly, the third in a series of picture books starring Claire Bear, our aerobatic heroine rhymes her way through a wide range of aircraft and pilot missions, from gliders to aerial refuelers. Bright, colorful illustrations will delight future pilots. Contact: Powder Puff Pilot, (888) 801-6628,


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