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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

September 2013 Readback

Dual Electronics & GRT Avionics

Dual Electronics announced that their XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B Receiver integrates with panel-mounted EFIS systems from GRT Avionics, providing ADS-B weather (FIS-B) and traffic (TIS-B) data to Horizon HX, Horizon HXr and Sport SX systems via USB. The integration allows pilots to see weather and traffic information displayed on their primary navigation screens, while the XGPS170 can simultaneously wirelessly deliver the same data to two Apple or Android tablets, creating safety-enhancing redundancy. "Being able to connect the XGPS170 directly to the panel is a definite advantage to the pilot. The value of seeing critical weather and traffic information on the primary instruments is obvious, but the added reliability and simplicity of a wired connection gives additional peace of mind," said Greg Lukins, VP, Business Development, Dual Electronics. Visit and

Canada Certifies Robinson R66 Turbine

Transport Canada has issued its type certificate for the Robinson R66. To date, 20 countries have certified the R66, including the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Russia and South Africa, and there are close to 400 R66 helicopters operating worldwide. Visit

Plane & Pilot published the incorrect print ad for Eagle Jet International in the July 2013 issue on page 72. Please see the correct print ad with updated pricing and payment details on page 9 of this (September 2013) issue.


Sortie Sunglasses

Sortie, the newest addition to Serengeti's selection of aviator sunglasses, has all of the design cues familiar to aviator eyewear in place, including: navigator shape, double bridge, narrow temples and bayonet earpieces. The frame, however, has been freshened with a slightly more angular profile for a modern look. To achieve a new level of performance while retaining all of the requisite design cues, Serengeti consulted with retired F16 fighter pilot, Major Dan Rooney. Sortie is fitted with Ultra-Light glass lenses made with borosilicate optical glass that's chemically tempered for scratch and impact resistance. These lenses incorporate two technologies to optimize common interactions with light, reducing eye strain and improving visual acuity through photochromic and spectral control. Constructed with lightweight durable titanium, Sortie's frame has a natural springiness that ensures a precise comfortable fit for most head sizes. Contact:

Perfect Your Takeoffs & Landings

This newly combined edition by Ron Fowler shows pilots how to develop total awareness for the situation, the airplane and the self—and to convert that awareness into perfect takeoffs and landings. The detailed steps in this book ensure pilots have the knowledge they need to go beyond rote-learned reactions and develop excellent flying skills. Each chapter defines a specific takeoff or landing situation and the set of characteristics unique to it. It's written with an easy, conversational approach to teaching and speaks to all pilots who thrive on the personal challenge of striving for excellence. The softcover book is 248 pages and is also available as an eBook. Contact:

Your Flights As Art

Sporty's can now create a custom framed print showing the track map of all IFR flights you made in a time period up to one year. Using data from Flight Aware, this print shows all IFR flights, including departure and destination airport identifiers and the actual route flown. Also included is a custom-engraved plaque with the pilot's name, N-number and dates. The high-resolution print measures 26 inches high by 29 inches wide when framed. A typical print will take about one week to produce. Contact:

Survival Gear

For land emergencies, the Land/Shark provides a waterproof one-person emergency shelter large enough to provide full- body coverage, even over heavy outerwear. It's a large fully enclosed shelter, not just a blanket. Slitting the side seams turns it into a versatile tarp or emergency shelter. The bright- orange color makes an excellent emergency signal, readily visible from the air. In the water, the Land/Shark completely encloses the survivor with a life vest on, up and over the head, and without impairing any other functions. The aluminized material is radar reflective for search aircraft and high-speed vessels moving at night. Contact:


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