6 thoughts on “2017 Planes Of The Year

  1. How ’bout a shout out for those of us who love flying in unusual attitudes? Game Composites Gamebird (GB) 1 Aerobatic Plane was certified on Oct 3… Or maybe you missed this MAJOR milestone. Ok. I’ll do it for you: Aerobatic Plane of the Year: The Game Composites Gamebird (GB) 1

  2. The Cirrus jet is not $2M. The ESSENTIAL items of equipment like TCAS and Weather Radar are add on packages and the bottom line is you need all 4 packages as you can’t fly above the weather at only 28000 feet. Add the ESSENTIAL engine maintenance program and the cost is $2.8M fly away.
    The interior is beautiful, like a new Jaguar, with double stitched Italian leather.
    The flying experience is poor. It wallows, it is sluggish in the climb as you state, the cabin is extremely noisy (engine mounted on top of the cabin) and in short it is not a pleasure to fly.

  3. There should be a division for kit planes as well. The absence of the new Sonex or the Raptor is glaring.

  4. Honorable mention could go to the Cirrus SR20 G6. The Lyc IO-390 is a game changer for that plane. It gains in speed, climb performance, and useful load making it a much more capable aircraft. Not as sexy as the improved SR22 or M20 but it is perhaps a more significant upgrade.

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