10 thoughts on “Up In Arms Over The Price Of 100LL

  1. The price of fuel is based on what you’re willing to pay for it. They think because you fly or own a plane you can afford 4.00 + for fuel. Its dishonest business that has nothing to do with cost. Hanger your planes, Stop flying and you will see the prices drop. Do it often enough and you will actually see it drop to a reasonable level.

  2. What should be more concerning to the General Aviation 100LL burners is the question of “What will be the price of the 100LL replacement fuel?” Does anyone have any information on the predicted price?

  3. Indianapolis International $7.65 versus Hendricks county 4 miles north west $3.80.
    Conclusion? They do not want us there! So I’m not about to give them a couple of hundred more for a fill up; instead I’ll go where they do want my business.

  4. The price of fuel for every distributor in a given area is about the same. Commercial airport providers tag a large price for 100LL more so as a deterrent to GA rather than as a price gouging tactic. Their thought is if your willing to pay it than good, if not, they don’t need your business. Just look at the additional fees they tack on just for putting your wheels on their leased pavement. They make their money on airlines, biz jets, and leases. They don’t care if they sell a drop of 100LL. If they didn’t have to sell it, they wouldn’t. If your going into a part 139 commercial airport expect to pay a premium price for your fuel. Otherwise use one of the fuel planning websites to find the small airport nearby and get the fuel cheaper. This is not an issue that the FAA or AOPA should have a concern. It’s the market, go to the cheaper place down the ramp.

  5. I want cheap fuel as much as the next pilot, but our FBO owner says he is not making enough profit on fuel to maintain the fuel system much less actually support the airport. Don’t lump all the FBO’s in one basket, some are really trying hard to keep flying costs down. Hats off to them and buy from them whenever possible.

  6. The Price also includes whether the FBO wants to deal with us LL Deplorables. At many locations, the BizJet centered FBOs prefer to deal with the 1%. Those of us in the lower 99% simply don’t add to their bottom line.

  7. Were forgetting all the rules necessary to provide a fuel like 100ll. Don’t get me wrong I think anything above .50 cents pump price for 94 octane would be about right. But don’t come to Canada or Europe. In Canada we pay $1.90 plus per liter. And it’s going up again with a new carbon tax if our Feds have their way. Ontario is going to add in their carbon tax as well. Multiply that by 3.8 to get to a US gallon. That’s $7.22 per US gallon. That is about the cheapest we pay. Frankly I’m waiting for the Swift fuel to be made available. Our tax greedy government will not make that cheap. I can assure you of that. Many of my friends are getting ready to pack up and sell their planes.

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