10 thoughts on “Astronaut Files Thousands Of Airport Noise Complaints

  1. Why do people move near airports and race tracks, then complain about the noise. If you do not want the noise, don’t live near what you do not want to hear. Seems pretty simple.

  2. Not all that simple. People make compromises when they buy homes. E.g., to get the bedrooms and yard they feel they need, at a price they can afford, they may have to buy things they don’t want – like noise. But sometimes the noise situation isn’t all that obvious – if they viewed the home in rush hour but the airplane noise became maddening after 11 pm because there was no curfew.

  3. Buyer’s responsibility to check ALL aspects of a purchase. People are too quick to displace responsibility.

  4. Out door Amphitheater, Speedway, Drag Strip, Hog farm, Airport :all almost universally have been there for years before significant development. The complainers often had to drive past the establishment on the way to look at their home when they went to purchased it ,
    The complainers feel that regardless of primacy those operations must yield to their whims.
    Real world: if you choose to live next to a noisy Establishment or Freeway , EXPECT noise!
    If you choose to live next to a smelly establishment ; expect odor!
    If you choose to live next to a busy establishment ; expect more traffic and noise!

  5. Seems to me the realtors should be required to provide all noise complaint data and dB data (readily available) to potential buyers. In short, a kind of “Prenup”.

  6. This is not an issue of living near an airport and aircraft noise. The FAA, through collusion and manipulation of the legislative process, had an amendment slipped into an unrelated bill that allows them under the plan to improve Next Gen architecture and the National Airspace System (NAS) to move flight paths of departing aircraft in any manner they see fit without any public input. In other words, two years ago when the FAA undertook a study to update the NAS flight paths along the east coast, they never had to take into account the impact it may have on neighborhoods, communities, and businesses underneath the new patterns. This is why the noise issue is being raised also in Boston. Consequently, the southbound departure path leaving DCA consolidated all outbound turns into one path vice several (at varying directions and altitudes) to be one path over a series of neighborhoods and at a lower altitude than before; hence, louder noise where it never existed before. In a recent meeting, the FAA claimed they are “studying” the issue, yet there has been no real progress and as typifies the motto for the FAA in cases like this – They’re not happy until you’re not happy and as a government bureaucracy they are unaccountable to the American people as they claim the legislation allows this. This is more than a community noise issue imposed by the FAA without any public comment or input after they purposely manipulated the legislative process. Shame on Director Huerta and his staff. This is not how government is supposed to work for the people of this nation.

  7. If you move next to an airport even the village idiot knows there will be noise.The fault is on the person that bought the house knowing what they could expect.

  8. This is a mental health issue more than it is a noise issue. People who are filing complaints 19 times a day, every day, are obsessive/compulsive. Astronaut or not…

  9. As a child I grew up living next to an airport. My then parents said they never noticed the noise from the DC3 and 4s that used to fly past our house. My Father would run outside to see what make of plane it was. I still live in the flightpath of Commercial passenger jets , and have the app on my phone and computer. At night I go outside to see the 747 or the A380 pass over the top of our house and its not a problem for us. My neighbors dont even have a problem with the arriving or departing planes . If you buy near an airport, then dont complain about the noise. Some ,if not all airports were built far away from residential areas, but with the population explosion there is little land left for new airports . Whats more annoying is having to drive long distances to airports that have been relocated to noise abatement. If you dont like it then sell and move .

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