2 thoughts on “Life As A Beginning Airline Pilot

  1. I’m a Mechanical Engineer who continues to chip away at finally getting a measly Recreational pilot permit in Canada….I have great admiration and respect for all the flying professionals (past and present) who pursue their dream of flying as a career. Hang in there and thank you.

  2. The cost of education for whatever field, has increased substantially over the last half century. I managed to graduate with a BS and no long term debit living paycheck to paycheck working part time in a plywood mill and other part time jobs. At that time I was unaware of any jobs relating to aviation for unskilled workers. My wife earned flying hours working in the office of an FBO. I got my PPL at a VERY inexpensive flying club. After graduation, the flying club failed and I got my first real job in another field. I enjoyed flying too much to persue driving an airborne aluminum bus where gentle maneuvers were not only boring but required. I could not imagine spending all those years in ‘college student poverty’ and significant debit for that kind of flying.
    Since retirement, I regret that I do not have thousands of hours in my logbook, and probably less retirement built up, but I do have a small amount with which I can renew my flying interest and buy or build a light aircraft which will allow me to enjoy sport flying from my home base on my own schedule.
    I’m sure that flying for a commercial carrier of any sort can be enjoyable, even exciting, but the cost to family relationships and work stability seems a price I did not want to pay for my ‘flying fix’.
    If I remain healthy long enough I might consider a part time CFI to help others learn about the thrill and challenge of flight. However your personal goals fit with the current economy. Good luck.

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