Big Fleet Sale For Cirrus For Airline Training

With the sale of 25 SR20 singles to Lufthansa Aviation Training, Cirrus Aircraft continues to grow its training business.

For years, the terms "fleet sales" and "Cirrus" didn't seem to go together. The company's SR20 and SR22 singles are rightfully thought of as personal planes, the kind that look right at home parked on the ramp at Jackson Hole or West Palm, but not decked out in trainer livery. Cirrus is working to change that, and a recent order by Lufthansa Aviation Training will help some more in that regard.

The sale---of 25 SR20 light singles---has a retail value of more than $10 million and further cements Cirrus' place in the training universe. While the SR20's configuration was once seen as unusually modern, its flat panel avionics and side-stick control are more and more common in the airline world, especially among European airlines that have fleets dominated by side-stick Airbus aircraft. In addition to providing training for Lufthansa, the training center in Goodyear, Arizona, provides flight training to rising pilots from Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, All Nippon Airways, and to the German Air Force. The first delivery to Lufthansa Aviation Training is scheduled for October of this year and all 25 planes will be delivered by February of next year.

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