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  1. This is a request to Capt. Dale Snodgrass “Snort”,
    I was given a picture of a fly by of four war birds, a P51, F86, Phantom and an F16.
    The person that took the picture was Tom Ostermann. I have three of the pilots in
    the fly-by picture to autograph next to the plan they were flying. I was told by
    Mr. Tom Ostermann that he believed it was you flying the F86. I will be at the Fly In
    Sun N Fun this year at Lakeland Florida.. With the theme this year being Military I was
    wondering if you would be there flying one of the war birds. If so I would love to meet
    you and be able to get your autograph on my fly by picture. If you could, would you please give me a call or call Mr. Tom Ostermann and maybe we could get together. I want to thank you for your time concerning this little request. I hope to be seeing you soon. Thank you again, Tonya

  2. Remember fondly our time together. Truckee River, Bucket of Blood Saloon, etc.. Good to see your handsome face again. Brings back so many memories, Dale.

  3. In 1982 I met cmdr snodgrass on the uss nimitz on the lso platform, he is one of the best officers I had ever worked with. He gave me a letter of recommendation for a promotion. I have since learned to fly and cloud not enjoy anything else as much as I love to fly. I would really like to meet him again to thank him for his encouragement
    Thank you sir
    Bruce England USN

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