3 thoughts on “CESSNA 182 “SKYLANE”

  1. I have a 1959 Cessna 182 Skylane, and I have flown it for about 2000 hours since I bought it in 1992. It will carry a load and will get in and out of some small tight spots. I fly into the back country of Idaho and land at small dirt strips there. I love the airplane and it is a great back country airplane.

  2. I owned a 57′ 182 for 20 years and flew her of 1100 hrs before having to sell because due to loss of medical. I believe that it’s the all around best buy for a single engine airplane. It’s a great cross country airplane as well as a mountain airplane. Used mine to fly to our cabin in southwestern Colorado as well several trips to the east & west coast. I think that it would haul anything to could close the doors on. It never let me down. Besides being a bit thirsty for fuel, I can’T say a thing bad about it.

  3. I own a 182Q which I operate from a grass strip in the UK. I’m not sure anything can beat it for versatility, speed, useful load, comfort, cabin size and comparative fuel economy. When I come to need a different plane I think it’ll be another 182 or even a 206.

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