2 thoughts on “Country Club Style

  1. How is this a “Pilot Report”? All it does is tell about the US Sport facility/school. There’s hardly anything about flying the airplane. Publishing a picture of the plane and the specs is not a “pilot report.” It’s nice to read about their facility, but I wanted to know about the plane and a report on what it’s like to fly.

  2. It isn’t a “pilot report.” It is, like everything else in this rag, an advertorial. They always “feature” a flight school, which in the print version is bracketed by ads for the same school their “journalists” then pitch. There’s never a negative word in their “reporting.” I only read it for Patty Wagstaff’s articles which are well written and independent. The rest of their writers are shills of the ad department, out there to pitch their advertisers.

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