3 thoughts on “Dubious ADS-B Milestone Reached

  1. Your two groups you mention, is incorrect, there are 3 groups, the third are those that are not going to do it, which appears to me to be the biggest single group, the vast majority of my customers are among that group. Your article makes it sound as if should you decide not to comply, your plane must be parked and not flown, that is not the case.

  2. With Uavionics and ILevil’s ADS-B plug-n-play products, requiring just a logbook entry, the install backlog may become a non-event. One can’t help but wonder what other products will be rolled out pre January 2020. SC

  3. This article is very misleading, I flew for many years without mode C and got along just fine. Many areas to fly without ADS-B many planes will be able to fly without ADS-B. Lets see an article explaining how and where we can fly without spending the large amounts of money on ADS-B

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