4 thoughts on “FAA Highlights Big Hazard

  1. What’s even more amazing is that commercial airlines landed at the wrong airport or on the wrong runway 75 times in two years according to the same report. After Comair In Lexington you would think they would learn. It would also be interesting to see controlled v uncontrolled fields. Many of us have had help in the past from the tower that verifies we are lined up properly. GA is bad but the commercial record is unbelievable, if true.

  2. During more than 40 years of flying, it always amazed me that pilots do not take the time to look at the destination airport layout during their flight planning, or take the time to review the approach plate or Chart Supplement sheet AS SOON as the decision to divert is made. Instead, they never look at it, or only look at it at the last minute. This may not be the explanation for all incidents, but likely is the cause of many of them. Extreme reliance on glass cockpit informations systems is likely another issue…not always time during the approach to call up the airport layout on the screen, assuming the system in use has that graphical feature. Airport layout diagrams information is not difficult to find before takeoff.

  3. It’s true that even professional pilots make big mistakes. The most important hour in flying is your next one. Experience can be overrated. Don’t be complacent today because of your past experience. Be a heads up pilot.

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