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February 2022 Crossword Key

February 2021 Crossword Puzzle


1 TikTok handle for a lady creating wildly popular aviation video shorts

6 Pilot’s playground

8 Atop

9 Airstrip material, often

11 Tire pressure and monitoring system using sensors

12 Use a parachute

14 ____ Baron

16 Aluminum and titanium are important ones in aviation

18 TTx has one, SR22 technically doesn’t

22 Top grades

23 Major auto company

26 Daily weather statistic

28 Critical figure for pilots

30 At this time

32 Venture-backed aerospace company developing electrical vehicle takeoff and landing aircraft

33 Flew a racetrack pattern

35 It’s bad if the wing fabric did this

36 Manufactures

37 Aviation speak for waggle

38 Lucky charm 


1 Slang name for the Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star, 2 words

2 Without this part of its name, a plane won’t fly

3 Depart

4 Examine a plane

5 Plunge forward

6 Revolving rods that transmit power

7 Aviators prefer the foot to this

10 Question

13 Milliliter, abbr.

15 Justice Department, for short

17 Climbs

19 “That’s amazing!”

20 This kind of plane can land on lakes, too 

21 This part helps starters do their job

24 Detroit’s home, abbr.

25 Cry of discovery or city where KEKA is

27 Drill-powered plane mover

29 A placard is one

31 Touch-down time, perhaps, abbr.

32 Gulfstream G650 for one

33 Overdo, a role, for example

34 Spy thriller writer, Deighton

February 2021 Crossword Key


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