5 thoughts on “Get A Free Type Rating

  1. This isn’t a “good deal” of any kind. How about you pay people for a service you need them to perform? All this is doing is taking money away from professional pilots who would be better qualified to fill this role. How about if you want a “free” type rating, you go get a job and they pay for it. That’s how it works in professional land boys and girls. If you work for free, your worth exactly what your paid… NOTHING!

  2. $231/hour tax-free seems like a better rate than most professional pilots I know make.

    To the author: Don’t sell yourself short at age 50. At almost 58 I was hired by a large regional and provided my ATP and CL-65 type rating while being paid to train. (Ok, not paid a lot, but still paid!) Never say never.

  3. Do you have a direct link to more information on this program? Not finding much on cae.com.

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