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Globe GC1A Swift Accident In Kansas

NTSB Accident Brief

Globe GC1A Swift

Ottawa, Kansas

Injuries: 1

The student pilot reported that after making a forced landing that resulted from fuel exhaustion, the student pilot put 5 gallons of fuel on board and prepared to fly the airplane back to the airport. During the subsequent takeoff on a road and as the airplane was near takeoff speed, a car entered the intersection in front of him. The student pilot pulled back on the flight controls which put the airplane in an attitude where it exceeded its critical angle of attack. The airplane stalled, nosed over, and impacted the ground coming to rest inverted. The airplane sustained substantial damage to both wings and the forward fuselage. The student pilot reported that there were no preaccident mechanical failures or malfunctions with the airplane that would have precluded normal operation. The Federal Aviation Administration reported the student pilot’s certificate was issued in October 2016 and he had not received any dual instruction for several years.

Probable cause(s): The student pilot’s failure to maintain attain proper pitch attitude of the airplane causing it to exceed its critical angle of attack, enter an aerodynamic stall, and subsequently impact terrain, and his poor decision making and lack of experience that led him to attempt the takeoff from the road.

Note:The report republished here is from the NTSB and is printed verbatim and in its complete form.


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